Week 7: Resilience through the Body 


This week we dive deep into the body.

The first step to becoming more resilient is being able to know how we are feeling moment to moment. So this week we are training compassionate bodily awareness.

The research is showing that awareness of bodily sensations is a foundational skill for our well-being. This is because we need the signals from the body to successfully reach our consciousness to enable the brain to effectively regulate our nervous system.

Low ‘interoceptive awareness’ is problematic for many reasons, you can imagine a CEO trying to make decisions without good information from all areas of the business. That uncertainty ends up creating stress and anxiety, and makes it difficult to get out of negative spirals that can bring us out of our window of tolerance.

This week’s practice addresses this by deliberately paying attention to sensations in the body (check out the recording below). The key here is to be deeply curious and kind as we investigate sensation in the body. Adopting a loving/compassionate way of looking is crucial.

Good luck!