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5 widespread misconceptions about meditation

In many of the conversations I have with people about meditation, I’ve noticed the same misconceptions come up again and again. Unfortunately, these are usually the reason why some people get frustrated with meditation and give up, or worse, why… Continue Reading →

What is it like to do a 10 day silent meditation retreat?

In July I went on a 10 day silent vipassana style meditation retreat at the Dhamma Mahi centre in France. I found it really difficult at times, especially the first few days. But by the end my mind was pretty… Continue Reading →

What does science tell us about how meditation affects your brain and body?

Consider this amazing insight from the research Tim Ferris did for his 2017 book, Tribe of Mentors. To write it, he interviewed over 200 people who he considered to be at the very top of their respective fields and found:… Continue Reading →

How to start meditating effectively today

It can be frustrating trying to find clear, concrete, instructions on how to meditate and to make sure that what you are doing is effective, not wasting the tiny slot we can squeeze into our busy daily lives. It took… Continue Reading →

Why has meditation recently become popular?

  You may be wondering why mindfulness seems to have become a buzzword in the past couple of years, with more companies offering mindfulness at work programs, radio shows discussing the benefits or even some of your friends getting into… Continue Reading →

Understanding the confusing landscape of meditation practices

  When I first started getting curious about meditation, I was surprised how difficult it is to figure out what meditation actually is, how to do it properly and what it does to your brain. I couldn’t make sense of all… Continue Reading →

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