Week 6: Resilience through Kindness

This week we look at a technique we can use as a strategy to bring ourselves back into our ‘window of tolerance’ – loving-kindness practice.

This practice is the deliberate cultivation of well wishing towards ourselves and others. It’s that simple! But this is arguably the most impactful technique we share throughout the course.


When we are stressed or afraid, the brain actually shuts down many areas including the prefrontal cortex which leaves us less able to deal with the stressors – creating a vicious cycle.

Loving-kindness practice interrupts this cycle by reinforcing a sense of peacefulness and the intention to be happy. It also opens us up towards others. A resilient system is one that is flexible and connected to many nodes. This practice reinforces both those qualities.

Enjoy and have a go in your own time with the guided practice below. And as always please send us any questions you might have!