Week 4: Rebalancing the Negativity Bias

Welcome to Week 4!

We’ve already been practicing together for almost a month! Really well done so far.

This week we have a look at the ‘second wing’ of meditation.

In the previous weeks we have be doing ‘deconstructive’ practices, which work to unravel old conditioning. This week we look at our first ‘nurture positive’ practices. These are equally important in terms of how meditation leads to improvements in our experience and wellbeing.

Specifically this week we practice sympathetic joy and gratitude. Both of these are amazingly powerful practices which rebalance the ‘negativity bias’ of the brain (the evolutionary programming which biases our attention towards negative/dangerous aspects of our experience).

The result is that we begin to appreciate more of the positive elements of our life, improving our experience simply by shifting perspective. See below for a video summary and a guided gratitude meditation.

Good luck and enjoy!