Week 1: Priming the Brain with Relaxation

Welcome to the first week of the course!

First week of 12 together. To kick things off, this week is all about setting the right foundations for practice. Both in terms of our conceptual understanding of how meditation works and the ideal mental state to practice from.

We share some of the neuroscience concepts that are useful to be aware of, and how they relate to practice. Then we will start things off straight away with an impactful technique – using the feeling of relaxation as the object of meditation. Remember, understanding meditation (whilst important) does nothing by itself – practicing meditation is what creates change.

In this introductory video I briefly summarise what meditation is, how it works and why it leads to improvements in our experience.



Here is the guided meditation for this week. You can use this to practice whenever you like. Or just as inspiration for how to practice with relaxation during your own self-guided sessions. If you have any questions please bring them to the Q&A session this week or send a message on the Teams group. Enjoy!