Empowering your team with researched backed mental training

There are three main ways you can work with us.

  1. Our signature three-month live online meditation training program.
  • We have combined our research expertise and teaching experience into a comprehensive meditation course which teaches participants both the practice techniques and the scientific concepts behind how and why they work.
  • The course is split into three month-long modules (which can be delivered separately), delivered as two live sessions per week.
  • Sessions include a presentation of the theory and science, a guided meditation and a group Q&A.
  • The overall aim is that each participant leave the course with a clear understanding of how meditation works and familiarity with a wide tool kit of practices, knowing when and why to use each one. Each person will be established in their own practice and confident to continue unguided.

Course overview

Module 1. Introduction to meditation and building practice 

  • Week 1: Priming the brain with relaxation
  • Week 2: Neuroanatomy of focus and awareness
  • Week 3: Rewiring for success – common challenges and misconceptions
  • Week 4: Balancing the negativity bias with joy and gratitude

Module 2. Building a resilient mind.

  • Week 5: Equanimity and foundations of a resilient mind
  • Week 6: Resilience through kindness
  • Week 7: Resilience through feeling the body
  • Week 8: Resilience through feeling safety 

Module 3. Gaining internal control and freedom

  • Week 9: Overcoming mind-wandering
  • Work 10: Working with limiting beliefs
  • Week 11: Developing self-compassion
  • Week 12: Awareness of self 

2. One-off talks and meditation sessions.

We can deliver a number of one-off presentations on the science and practice of meditation. Appropriate as a drop-in session or part of a wider company initiative or event.

3. One-to-one or small group meditation sessions for leadership teams

Emotional intelligence and mindful communication are essential skills for anyone in a leadership position. Fortunately these skills can be trained. We offer targeted meditation training for leaders looking to increase their level of self-awareness for the benefit of themselves and their teams.

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